Recording Requirements

  • All fees are set by statue and are due and payable before the Register of Deeds is required to do the work.
  • Documents must have original signature and notaries.   Photocopies will not be recorded unless they are a certified copy from another recording entity. If the name(s) of the signer or notary public are not plainly typed or printed under the signatures, the register of deeds shall charge and collect a fee of $1.00 in addition to all other fees. Notary seals must be legible.
  • Documents must contain a legal description. i.e. section, township and range, or lot  and  block with addition or subdivision description.
  • Deed documents must be accompanied by a Kansa s Rea l Estate Validation Questionnaire, unless one of the 16 exemptions on the back of the form is met. The exemptions must be typed on the document according to K.S.A.  79-1437(e)
  • Mortgage Registration tax must be paid when filing a mortgage. This tax is calculated at .10 per $100 of the principal indebtedness.  This tax is in addition to recording fees.

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